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Ratnakala School ERP is exclusively designed to streamline the day-to-day cumbersome tasks of the school. It has the perfect combination of hardware and software thereby providing the best solution in the education industry. Moreover, it enables the school administration to keep a firm hold on routine functions & to bring transparency in the business and performance analysis.Owing to the tremendously increased number of demands of this modern era, we have built an immaculate framework for parents. By using a single application, parents can refer and analyze their child's entire information with graphical representation. They can track their child's current location and analyze the bottlenecks of their career through categories such as attendance, grade-reports, events, homework, cafeteria, lecture and exam schedules, digital attendance, exam planning etc.Our centralized database system helps in quick data access which bridges the communication gap amongst teachers, parents & administration by providing an end-to-end solution tailored to cater the needs of school administration, educators and parents.


Parent application is exceptionally helpful when parents are busy and unable to visit school regularly. Parents can refer the student reports through the application as it provides an easy way to evaluate their child's progress and activities.Parents can track child's current location during bus traveling. Daily and monthly child tracking can also be accessed on Google Map. Daily, weekly, monthly and yearly attendance report can be viewed subject-wise with graphical representation.


This application facilitates busy teachers to maintain the student records quickly and easily. It consists of a teacher module which is extremely useful to focus on individual students in class. Teachers can manage and greatly utilize the data related to students.Teacher Application maintains the schedule of all the lectures and exam remarks. It also provides a push-button attendance feature which saves enormous time in taking attendance.

Student Tracking

This App enables the parent to track their child right from boarding the bus till they reach their school. It is very helpful in case of emergencies and is a benefit to parents, children as well as the school authorities.Student Tracking Application allows parents to track their child's current location while he/she is in transit. Parents can also track all the information in real-time via the installed application.

Driver Tracking

The driver tracking module has two parts. Locate Particular Driver and Locate All Driver. Locate particular driver shows particular driver location and if you want to show all driver location then you can use Locate all driver module. This module is very useful for parents.Allows you to track bus driver while traveling in school bus. Parents can track this information at the same time via the installed application. This app will track the driver's current location for the current date.


Reception application provides a digital record of all the visitors or guests. It also provides digital tracking and authentication of the visitors with details such as their purpose of visit, time-logs, etc. This application also enables the administrators to give authorization of limited area to visitors and guests.Reception application assigns a smart device to all the visitors or guests. Details such as visitor's name, number and purpose of visit can be easily entered in the smart device. It helps in managing the visitors access to areas such as cafeteria, library, accessory, sports, fees, accounting, administration and others.

Admission Council

Admission council provides an integrated digital procedure for smoothing out the admissions process. This Application collects all the data at each step of the admission process. It also provides information gathered at different rounds of the admission process.Admission council application captures details such as previous standard, school name, result, passing year, class and date/time. During admission enquiry, details such as standard, child's personal details & appointment date, admission form, and various other data can be filled up.


Library Application makes library administration more productive and efficient by lining down an easy way to manage all the information related to library. It is extremely easy to locate and add new books through this application.Library Application is useful in adding new books along with their details. Addition of books will generate QR code [Quick Response Code] automatically. Books can be issued by scanning QR code. Also, Details of the book will be reflected after scanning the respective QR code.

General Store

This app will enable the school administrator to manage the stationary stock at the school. The students can purchase online stationary items. Some categories are available for school stationary items such as sports, stationary, clothes, computers etc.It helps admin to add, delete or edit the categories, sub-categories and items for the stock. It also notifies whenever stock for any material goes out of stock.This app will enable the school administrator to manage the stationary stock at the school. The students can purchase online stationary items.


Cafeteria application introduces the digital canteen experience by automating the order system and tracking the order for configurable categorized Menu card. This application provides real time data of student expenses to the parents.The application provides digital record of food items with reference to categories and order logs. All categories and items can be configured as per requirement. Items could be subsequently selected along with the quantity. Student's smart device will be identified automatically and the order details will be specified into student's account which can be eventually viewed by the parents.

Icard Generator

iCard generator application offers an outstanding technique of producing as many number of ID cards as required within the shortest span of time. This application provides the simplest method for producing ID card with precise information.It is a quick ID card generator application. It generates perfectly finished and well-structured ID cards in bulk within limited period of time. Student's data like Name, Address, Photo and Cell Number will be directly fetched from the database. This curtails the necessity of manual data entry.


Exam application will enables the teachers to manage exam schedules in an effective way. Exam module shows exam list, class list, term list, etc that will help teachers manage exams easily.It enables to manage the exam schedule and time table. Such as subject, exam date, total marks, passing marks, time limit, etc. Helps to manage the sitting arrangement. Like class number, total students, etc. It helps to manage the exam attendance


Every teacher can use a little help. With Classroom, you can launch everyone’s apps at the same time, then guide what students are looking at on their devices. So teachers can focus on teaching, and students can focus on learning.See what your students see with Screen View. Share student work on the big screen. Launch and lock apps with Remote Control. Reset forgotten passwords right in the classroom.Share student work on the big screen. Launch and lock apps with Remote Control.


Communication module is useful for teachers and parents and also useful for only school's members like admin staff, cafeteria staff, teacher staff and librarians. During school time parents can chat with teachers regarding their child's studies, activities and other reports.It helps to communicate any teacher with any parents and any parents with any teacher during the school time. It enables teachers to send photos. Registered users can view and update their own profile. It enables registered users to view other user’s profile.

Parent/Teacher Meeting

This application will enable the teachers to manage the parents teacher meeting effectively. This will help teachers to schedule the metting easily.This application will help maintaining the records of the parents coming to meet the teachers. It enables teacher to show parents the graphical representation of their student's marks, attendance, reports etc. Enables parents give feedback for teachers and meeting. It shows all report for daily, weekly, monthly and yearly.


Quiz is a form of a game in which any student can assess his/her knowledge. This game brings you plethora of knowledge at your fingertips. The Quiz application has loads of questions from different areas and users have 60 seconds to answer each question and then the scores could be viewed at the end.It represents standard wise total skill-points with sample number of questions available. Questions are displayed with images. After a stipulated time, question will be changed automatically if not answered. At the end of the quiz, it will show skill points and proportion of true and false answers.


Sports application consists of three basic parts i.e. Cycling, Racing and Swimming. It is useful to evaluate the student's performance as per the Olympic competition.There is a separate module for Male and Female. Different race track lengths are mentioned according to the gender. Each sport is divided into further parts : Cycling, Swimming, Racing, Cycling and Running can be tracked over Google Maps too.

Woman Safety

We provide the best women safety application. This application ensures women safety just by some voice commands and her concerned dear ones will come to know about her current location who are just one call away from her.In case of any critical emergency, an SMS will be sent to her pre-stored numbers in the application. Women Safety application will decode the voice codes to send the SMS. Even a call will be initiated to the pre-mentioned numbers. Instant call to police option is also available in the application.

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