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Ratnakala health ERP provides a right technical solution for health care industry which synchronizes the work among patients, doctors, inventory managers, pharmacists, laboratory etc. It focuses on care and cost with integrated business solution. Using the latest technological product, we offer easy and secure communication . Our centralized system helps in quick data access which is synchronized among patients, doctors, inventory managers, pharmacists by providing end to end solution. This system encapsulate the visual representation and helps in communicating securely. Ratnakala provides integrated health care IT solution such as Secure data management, Enterprise collaboration, Enable care co-ordination, Patient engagement capabilities, platform for Business data analytics, Emergency care, Operational efficiency, Search tools, Electronic medical report, Easily documentation editing, Platform for Clinical data analytics.


It helps to find the best doctors and their details. Helps you to make, monitor and schedule your appointment. It can show case data, doctor name, case id, status and progress in visual pdf. It also helps to track medication details. It will find pharmacy stores and check hours. You can communicate with doctors via secured messaging.


Digital registration helps to provide personal information, health card information and patient's other health related information. It focuses on new case generation, shows patient’s information and case details. It provides the ward information such as ward number, patient's information, admit date etc. It shows the list of the visitors and also ensures the security of the patient. It generates and provides bill information and prints the bill.


Doctors can schedule/ reschedule the appointments. They can check patient’s report result. It becomes easy to add patient’s symptoms & share with other doctors to enhance the treatment methodology. It helps to assign new task to doctors and they can update and manage schedule.


This module is use for laboratory staff. They manage laboratory services including test reports, Clinical specimens, samples information etc. Laboratory staff have to register in this module and after they can use this all module. This module provides a real time way of managing and monitoring details and reports. It can detect/fetch patient report by using QRcode. Patient's sample details like appointment, sample number & other details are managed here. This will help to show patient's result. It can analyze patient's file as well as report and also add any remark or highlight in the same.


It shows how many medicines are available in market. They can search manufacturer details, medicine code, drug details etc. It provides the stock details, allows to search medicine and change additional information. It reminds you when you need to restock your prescriptions. The virtual store utilizes 2-dimensional computer simulation technology to create retail contexts. It manages medicine details section wise, cabinet wise & block wise. It is a virtual environment to interact with store merchandise and make purchase decisions. It can be used to notify stock details and expiry date.


It can display available items with category, code and name. It provides complete information of agencies and suppliers along with their address. It provides the purchase details like bill information, suppliers details, item list, quantity, unit price etc and also helps for purchase return here inventor can communicate with purchase return person. It shows if goods are out of stock and whether the goods are less then the minimum quantity.


Patient's details will be available by scanning the QR code & accordingly they can order the food. Bill details of restaurant gets auto updated in the patients hospital bill. They can check the place of order, list of pending orders, in process orders & delivered orders. They can also check delivery time. User registration can be done in this and can be managed further. User can update the menu card by adding/deleting food available in the restaurant.

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