About Us:

Ratnakala Software is a rapidly growing mobile application development company, that possesses quality global exposure in web development and mobile application development for advance platforms like Android and iOS. Ratnakala software is known for it’s innovative approach and ideology towards technology. Here at Ratnakala, we have a team of qualified, experienced and efficient developers that contributes towards creating an industry benchmark in different niche areas including custom apps, business apps, web apps, game apps and much more. Years of sustained focus and exposure in enterprise web solutions and mobile apps sets us apart as an organised and well equipped application development company on the web.

Custom Mobile Development

We provide custom based solutions for all prominent mobile phones features such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, 3G, NFC, Bluetooth. Our diligent developers keep abreast of popular SDK tools like Google Android SDK, SQ-Lite, and 2D and 3D graphics using which we have been designing stunning Android apps for our clients

Offshore Mobile Application Development

We develop apps using the most powerful iOS elements such as GPS, Open GL Graphics, Location based frameworks, Imaging Frameworks, Facebook and Twitter integration and API integration. At the end of it, we will test the apps’ efficiency on iPhones, iPod, and iPad.